Founder & Photographer – Flying Dress Dubai

Born in France in 1981, the photography career of Alim started early 2019 by pure chance, photographing a friend fashion blogger.

In October 2019, he photographed a woman with a long dress in the desert through is first instagram account “Dubai Photo Escape”, resulting in the images that inspired the concept of Floganza Dubai.

Who doesn’t remember this famous cliché of Marilyn Monroe, in the film The Seven Year Itch, with the pin-up standing in a white iconic dress flying above a subway gate?

“For me, the key to success was audacity and courage. Honestly, there are no good steps or adequate processes to really get where you want to be. As long as you have a different point of view and are able to do something unique, you will get noticed.”

Founder of Floganza, Alim is a self-taught photographer who has created his own style.

“Flying dress photography is a powerful language; it reinvents, creates emotions and beauty, and brings confidence.”

Floganza History – Flying Dress Photoshoot

In October 2019, Alim photographed a woman with a long dress in the desert through is first account “Dubai Photo Escape”, resulting in the images that inspired the concept of Dubai Flying Dress Official.

Then he officially launched “Dubai Flying Dress Official” in January 2020.

Due to the market being flooded by multiple alias “Flying Dress” actors, our original brand “Dubai Flying Dress Official” was not reflecting our mission, values and premium service.

As a forerunner in Flying Dress Photoshoot, we needed to rebrand in order to avoid confusion of our services and products with others. Floganza Dubai, formerly Dubai Flying Dress Official, is our new brand name.

Flying Dress Rental in Dubai

Our dress can be rented only for the experience with our photographer, we are not a rental dress company. We offer a real experience with professionals. Then rent your flying dress with us and become immersed in a unique moment with Floganza Dubai’s premium service.

Dubai Flying Dress – Models & Color

We have a wonderful collection of Flying dress models and colors, fitting all body shapes and sizes. Our flying dress assortment allows clients the freedom to select the styles that best suit their personal desires. Our priority is to make sure that clients feel comfortable and confident during their photoshoot session.

The founder, who is also the photographer, designed all four flying dress models. The first flying dress launched in January 2020 and called Signature, is sleeveless and backless. It is suitable for all our Beautyfly women. Then in December 2020, were launched Kids flying dress suitable for all girls between the ages of 3 and 12 years old.

Then were launched in March 2021, two new models to meet the needs of the community. The first one called Glam, sleeveless and covered back, is suitable for Beautyfly women who prefer to cover their back. The second one, fully covered with an optional veil, is suitable for Beautyfly women who are veiled or who prefer a long sleeve dress.

Dubai Flying Dress Photo Guidance

Founder and photographer, Alim knows how to bring your beauty and confidence forward, and also how to capture it on camera.

Floganza understands how to pose a Flying Dress Beautyfly woman in the most flattering ways, and we take time to carefully perfect each pose.

Our photographer will gently guide you with various poses using simple words and gestures in order to create the most magnificent pictures you have ever had.

Affordable & Premium Flying Dress Price

Floganza Dubai achieves excellence by offering a unique and affordable premium service so customers will remember their experience for a lifetime and become part of the wonderful BeautyFly family.

Our team of experts are exclusively dedicated to flying dress photography.

Taking care of their clients and offering the best possible service is what Floganza Dubai aspires to. The founder is proud of his creations and puts all women in the spotlight on social networks. It is also a way for him to show his gratitude.