Dubai desert photoshoot package

Dubai Desert Photoshoot – What to Expect

If you are new to the flying dress photoshoot, you’ll probably have plenty of questions about what to expect and what you need for the shoot.

Dubai Desert Photoshoot – What to Expect

Make the most of your Dubai desert photoshoot by coming to your scheduled session prepared. If you are new to the flying dress photoshoot, you’ll probably have plenty of questions about what to expect and what you need for the shoot. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to get started.

What is included in

the Dubai desert



When you book a photoshoot package, you can expect a world-class photography session that is led by our experienced photographers that specialize in the flying dress experience. Floganza Dubai has earned a worldwide reputation as the go-to option for the Dubai flying dress photoshoot. The primary motivation for each session is to make it the best possible experience for the customers with the highest quality photographic results.

This is a full-service photography coverage which means everything is included in the package. All you have to do is show up to your photoshoot schedule and the team will take care of everything you need for the shoot. This full-service photography coverage includes hair and makeup services, access to the Flying Dress catalog, transportation to the photoshoot locations, and more. 

The photography team will be equipped with the most modern and the best photography tools to give you the finest results.

Do you allow the rental of your flying dresses?

No. Floganza Dubai does not rent or sell flying dresses. These dresses are exclusive to the photography team and are designed only for the clients who wish to have their own flying dress photoshoot. Therefore, it is included in your photoshoot package and you are free to choose a dress to your liking from our extensive catalog. 

The dress catalog includes four different styles and twelve colors to choose from. 

what to expect on a Dubai desert photoshoot

Where are your photoshoot locations?

We believe that the photoshoot location is integral to the flying dress experience. Hence, we have chosen two iconic photoshoot locations in Dubai for the flying dress photoshoot: the Dubai desert and on the Palm Jumeirah with the Burj al Arab in the background.

There is nothing more iconic than these two locations that add drama to your photoshoot, making it look editorial.

A designated driver and vehicle will come to your hotel to pick you up prior to your photoshoot. This will be convenient for you to travel to and from your photoshoot location so you do not have to book your own transport service at an additional cost. 

Are beauty services included in the photoshoot package?

Yes. If you booked a full-service photography package, then you can enjoy professional beauty services such as hair and makeup. It is part of our commitment tor a premium photography experience.

Our makeup service is provided by an expert makeup artist. They are able to find the best application to complement your natural features so you can express your beauty and confidence in front of the lens. Whether you want a glam or romantic look, our experienced makeup artists can create the look you want. Our makeup artist will come to your hotel room prior to the scheduled session to prep you for the session ahead.

Our hairstyling service is also provided by a qualified and highly trained hair stylist. Aside from your makeup, your hair is another way that you can express your beauty and confidence as a woman. Our hairstylist will select the best hairstyle that will complement your outfit and the desired look. This is a crucial element to pull your whole outfit together for a more stunning result. 

what services are included in a Dubai desert photoshoot

What types of photoshoot packages do you have to offer?

At Floganza Dubai, we offer a wide range of packages for you to choose from available through our extensive portfolio of photography services. It is in line with our goal to bring personalization to your photoshoot experience, whether you want to mark an important milestone in your life or to commemorate a special occasion. Even without a milestone or special occasion, we welcome you to enjoy our photography services to make your travel experience to Dubai extra memorable.

The first and most popular photography package is for women only. It is suited for women who like to have their portrait taken in the stunning flying dresses while in the middle of the desert. It is an experience that will celebrate your womanhood and make you feel more beautiful and confident. 

We also offer a group photoshoot session with our flying dresses. Bring your friends over to Dubai with you for a memorable photoshoot that you can look back on for years to come. Whether you are having a bachelorette party or celebrating years of friendship with your best friends, add magic to that celebration with a unique photoshoot in Dubai.

Another commonly requested photoshoot package with our flying dress in Dubai is a maternity photoshoot. Immortalize your days as a beautiful pregnant woman with a stunning photoshoot in the desert wearing one of our flying dresses. It’s just one of the ways that we can help preserve those special family memories for life!

And speaking of important family memories, you and your partner can also book a photoshoot session. If you are an engaged couple, a Dubai desert photoshoot is a great way to embrace your love story as you embark on the next chapter of your life together. A couple’s photoshoot in the desert is also ideal for your honeymoon or to commemorate a marriage proposal. You can also celebrate your romance by having your photo taken at an exotic location such as the Dubai desert.  

Lastly, we also have a photoshoot package for kids. We even have a selection of kids flying dresses in our catalog. Aside from a photoshoot with the little girls in our famous flying dresses, you can also bring over the entire family for a unique family portrait. 

How do I book a Dubai desert photoshoot with Floganza Dubai?

If you are ready to have your own flying dress experience and commemorate it with a professional photography session, be sure to contact Floganza Dubai directly. They will get back to you with a price list so you can discuss what the best photography experience for your budget is.