top Dubai outdoor activities

Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Dubai

Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Dubai

Dubai is a haven for anyone looking for adventure and adrenaline-pumping action. If you are that kind of tourist, then here are five of the best Dubai outdoor activities that you should check out. 


Top 5 of Dubai’s Outdoor Activities


These are the top outdoor activities in Dubai to add to your travel itinerary. 

1. Go for a Deep Dive Experience

Kicking off this list of the top Dubai outdoor activities is one of the most unique experiences you could ever have. It’s a can’t-miss experience for the thrill seekers in search of an adventure of a lifetime. 

Deep Dive Dubai takes you to a unique diving experience in a record-breaking facility: a 60-meter deep pool! This is the world’s deepest pool and you can dive its entire depth to push yourself to the limit to discover the underwater world. This pool facility in Dubai is equivalent to six Olympic-sized pools. The water is set at an ideal temperature of 30 degrees to ensure perfect diving conditions at all times. 

Once you dive into this pool, you will encounter an underwater-themed attraction that looks like an old, sunken city. This underwater city is equipped with multiple cameras so that divers are monitored at all times and to ensure your safety. Meanwhile, there are state-of-the-art lighting equipment and sound system to make the theme more realistic.

This adventure experience is made possible with the help of certified divers who are available to share their diving tips and tricks. Therefore, this is a great experience to try in Dubai for beginners and professionals alike. The great thing is that you’re not alone in this experience when you go for a dive. Your family members and friends can watch from the large windows and screens so they can experience your underwater journey with you.

outdoor activity in Dubai you can't miss out 

2. Adrenaline-pumping off-roading in the dunes

Looking for some adrenaline-pumping and hair-raising fun? Try off-roading through Dubai’s golden sand dunes. 


Dubai’s rolling and expansive desert landscape offers an incredible off-road experience that you will never forget. You can go on group rides or rent a 4X4 vehicle and do the off-roading yourself. Group tours normally last a couple of hours. Either way, this exciting adventure will have you racing up and down the steep sand dunes.


Aside from traversing the golden sand dunes on four wheels, you can also enjoy off-roading on your own by riding a quad-bike. 


Dubai’s desert is said to be quite challenging, even for experienced 4X4ers. Therefore, you can’t go wrong in getting acquainted with the basics, especially if you are planning to ride the quad-bike.


This is something you cannot afford to miss out on when in Dubai.


3. Go skydiving in Dubai

If you’re looking for thrilling adventures, this is one thing that you shouldn’t pass up when in Dubai: Skydive Dubai. This is your chance to check this item off your bucket list as you will have one experience you won’t soon forget.

Skydive Dubai offers a ton of experiences for you to try such as indoor skydiving, tandem skydive, skydiving school, gyrocopter flight, and experienced skydiving adventures. Therefore, this is your one-stop shop when it comes to thrilling adventures up in the sky. 

When you book your skydive adventure, you will be able to experience and see Dubai from a different perspective, especially the desert and the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island. Get the adrenaline rush you are craving for as you freefall 120 miles per hour. With the experienced skydivers and the highest quality standards, you can rest assured that your harness are safe and secure until you land on the ground. Some packages even include a photographer package so you have a skilled skydive photographer to capture every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

This is definitely one for the adventure and thrill seekers! 

4. Spectacular sights and sounds of the desert in overnight desert safari camping

Accompanied by the stars, desert camping in Dubai offers a unique overnight experience. The desert safari is specially designed for people looking to spend the night in the wild and experience the unique sights and sounds of the Arabian Desert. You can choose from fun and adventure camping to luxurious glamping. Either way, you will be guaranteed the utmost comfort and good food that you will surely remember for the rest of your life. 


Most camping offers various activities too, such as dune bashing (4×4 rides) and quad biking. The day is capped off with a relaxing bonfire complete with a delicious authentic Arabic dinner. And while you are enjoying your meal, they will also treat you to an extensive range of entertainment, such as fire shows, belly dancing, and even some photography. 

overnight outdoor desert camping in Dubai

 5. Fun rides and slides at the water parks

As a major tourism city, Dubai houses plenty of water parks for the whole family, despite being in the middle of the desert. These water parks feature fun and exhilarating rides for kids of all ages, massive wave pools, and exciting slides. Water parks range from Arabian-themed to Legoland.


Atlantis Aquaventure – This water park has become a landmark for the city’s tourism sector, as many tourists in Dubai fly there to experience it. It features multiple record-breaking rides, exciting shark-filled lagoons, and a gorgeous private beach in front. 


Yas Waterworld – This water park ranked 9th in TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award in their Top 25 Water Parks category. That alone should give you an idea of what this place has to offer. It has more than 40 rides and massive pools.


Legoland Water Park – Bring your childhood memories to life and let your kids experience the joy of playing with Legos in this water park. Here you can build your own boat, customize your raft, and a lot more, using Lego of course. 


The Takeaway

There you have it, the five best Dubai outdoor activities for you and the whole family. Book your ticket and plan your itinerary now to have the adventure of a lifetime in the City of Gold!