essential Dubai wedding photoshoot ideas

Dubai Wedding Photoshoot Ideas and Locations

Dubai Wedding Photoshoot Ideas and Locations

Are you getting married in Dubai? You’ve made an excellent choice because this is one of the top tourist destinations with a variety of excellent locations for your wedding venue. To mark this important milestone in your life, you’ll want to hire the best photographer to capture the special moments of your big day. You can also have a pre-wedding shoot to use for your wedding invitations and to keep as a memento.

To help you plan your wedding and capture the best photos, this guide provides you with essential Dubai wedding photoshoot ideas. Take time to explore these ideas to help you plan the perfect wedding.

Why Choose Dubai

as Your Wedding


Dubai is emerging as one of the top wedding destinations for couples who want to have a destination wedding. It is home to various wedding venues to suit all wedding styles. There are churches, temples, beaches, and luxury hotels that would be the perfect venue for your wedding.

You can also choose to be as simple or as extravagant as you wish in your wedding planning. Regardless of your budget, a Dubai wedding is going to be memorable because of the unique features of Dubai. It is a desert city but also a modern metropolis. There is no place in the world quite like Dubai. 

If you choose to have your wedding in Dubai, make sure to set the wedding date from October to May. These months offer the perfect weather so you and your guests can make the most of the experience.

Dubai is emerging as one of the top wedding destinations for couples who want to have a destination wedding.

Dubai Wedding

Photoshoot Ideas

Your wedding photos have to be special and perfect. You are going to remember these photos for a lifetime, so make sure that you pick the right locations for your Dubai wedding photos to encapsulate the essence of your destination wedding.

The following are the best locations for a Dubai wedding photoshoot for the best results.

1. Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is an icon in Dubai. When you see this landmark, you know you’re in Dubai. Therefore, it is the best destination for a wedding photoshoot in Dubai. You can have your wedding photos taken at the Burj Al Arab beach where the iconic hotel is visible in the background. This is a public beach so you don’t need to pay an additional fee to capture this iconic wedding shot. 

This world-famous hotel is also available for private booking if you want your wedding photoshoot done inside the hotel. But if you’re after the iconic view of the hotel, there is no need to pay extra to get the best shots if you have them taken from the adjacent beach. 

2. Dubai Desert

The desert is another famous destination for couples looking for the best pre-wedding or wedding photos in Dubai. It’s also a popular location for the flying dress photoshoot. You can book a tour of the desert to take photos of the stunning desert for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity. Many of those that provide tours to the Dubai desert can provide add-on facilities to create a dreamy photoshoot set up in the desert. 

If you choose to have your wedding photoshoot in the desert, you must plan beforehand. Ideally, you must do your photoshoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon (before sunset). Otherwise, it will be hot when you do your photoshoot, and it can be challenging to do the shoot due to the extreme temperature.

The Dubai desert is a popular location for the flying dress photoshoot.

3. Boat Ride

A unique idea for a photoshoot in Dubai is to rent a luxury boat for two. The luxury yachts traversing the canals of the Dubai Marina are iconic images of the city. It is a simple photoshoot idea, but there is plenty of room for you to customize it to match your style or love story. 

4. The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is one of the most romantic spots for your Dubai wedding photoshoot. Is there anything more romantic than water jets and lights dancing to classical music serenades? 

You also have a few options for the perfect vantage point of the Dubai Fountain for your wedding photoshoot. Among your options are The Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bajar, and Burj Park. If you’d prefer to enjoy your wedding photoshoot in privacy, you can head to the Armani Hotel terrace.

5. Miracle Garden of Dubai

The Miracle Garden of Dubai is a spectacular location for a wedding photoshoot. There is no better spot to commemorate your love story than being surrounded by the beauty of nature. The Miracle Garden boasts the most gorgeous landscape and variety of flowers you could ever find in this part of the world. Known as the world’s largest natural flower garden, it is a sight to behold and is the ideal background for your wedding photoshoot.

6. Bastakia Quarter

The Bastakia Quarter is one of the best wedding photoshoot locations in Dubai for many reasons. First off, this is a secluded place so you can have your photoshoot in an area without tourists. The ancient streets here are also steeped with history and culture. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for couples who are lovers of history and culture. 

The ancient streets of the Bastakia Quarter provide endless opportunities for an amazing photoshoot location as they are rich in authentic and historical details. From the narrow labyrinth to the unique architectural details, it’s the ideal choice for a one-of-a-kind photoshoot.

7. Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is the perfect destination if you prefer an urban-style photoshoot for your wedding. Modern brides and grooms choose this location because it suits their personality and style. The backdrop of the vibrant city and the busy marina makes an excellent choice for a larger-than-life photo shoot. The skyscrapers, the busy canal, and the luxury restaurants in the backdrop add a unique touch to your wedding photography. 

It’s not a style that suits most couples, but if you want to try something unique, and if you want to showcase local yet modern architecture of Dubai, it is a great location.