Flying dress Dubai photoshoot.

Flying Dress Designers: Creative Minds in Dubai’s Fashion Scene

Flying Dress Designers: Creative Minds in Dubai’s Fashion Scene

The flying dress Dubai photoshoot is tailor-made for Instagram and social media with the elegantly flowing dress swirling in the breeze of the desert. It’s the kind of image that will capture the attention of everyone on social media, which is no surprise why this trend has caught such a global frenzy online. 

But while you now see the many images of women donning these stunning dresses with the Dubai desert as a backdrop, let’s investigate where and how it started. You will also discover the future of the Dubai fashion scene, with designers paving the way for modern styles and designs.

What is a Flying


A flying dress is not something that flies. The term refers to the gravity-defying effect of the satin gown with an overly long train that makes the model look ethereal. The concept has caught on in popularity online because of the awe-inspiring images that result from the movement of the dress, especially as it catches the breeze. 

The dresses not only look good and feel luxurious to wear but also capture the best photos that are one-of-a-kind. 

Flying dresses are available in various colors, most chosen because they are bold and eye-catching. From the vibrant blues and the fiery reds, these flying dresses will surely capture anyone’s attention.

Flying dress moment in Dubai.

How Did the Flying

Dress Photoshoot


The flying dress photos originated in Santorini, Greece. Local photographers envisioned a way of using the dramatic cliffs of the island of Santorini as a backdrop while also creating dramatic images. Local photographers decided to create overly dramatic dresses for models to wear to make them the “star” of the shoot instead of just showcasing the backdrop. The flying dress with the iconic landmark as the location creates a stellar combination that looks like it’s been taken out of the pages of a high fashion magazine.

Since the initial flying dress images were published on Instagram, they quickly caught the attention of social media and photography enthusiasts. Today, many brides-to-be or women wishing to take stunning photos of themselves in these iconic tourist spots like to book a flying dress photoshoot. 

The stylish dress with its dramatic long train adds more interest to the photo shoot. It is empowering and makes a lot of women feel good about themselves. Whether celebrating a personal milestone or not, many women are enticed to try the flying dress photoshoot.

Dubai as a Global

Fashion Hub

The growing popularity of the flying dress made its way to the Middle East, specifically in Dubai. Many tourists like to book a flying dress Dubai photoshoot to immortalize their time in the desert landscapes and to take memorable photos.

Choosing Dubai as the location of the flying dress photoshoot puts the spotlight on the city as a notable fashion destination in the Middle East and globally. The fashion industry in Dubai is estimated to be worth $89 billion! Therefore, it is growing globally and is one of the world’s biggest fashion and retail hubs. 

According to a Business of Fashion report, the region’s fashion industry is forecast to grow by seven percent by 2027. Another BoF survey reveals that Dubai is one of many hotspots for fashion and retail in the Middle East. Aside from the UAE, Saudi Arabia averages $1,000 monthly on fashion purchases. It’s a fascinating insight into how fast Dubai’s fashion industry is growing, fueled by the global interest in local and international designers.

The flying dress Dubai photoshoot also contributes to the city’s reputation as a global fashion destination.

The Evolution of

Dubai’s Fashion


In the past decade, Dubai’s fashion scene has experienced tremendous growth. The evolution of the city’s fashion landscape meant more international brands were entering the market. As a result, Dubai fashion is slowly shifting away from traditional options to include modern designs that suit various style preferences.

When global brands first entered the Dubai fashion scene, many underestimated the diversity of the local consumers’ taste in fashion. With more insights into the Dubai fashion industry, these brands now see more opportunities to expand in Dubai and the region.

Woman dressed up in a flying dress in Dubai.

While international names and brands have penetrated the market, local Dubai designers take advantage of this growing industry to showcase their creations to a global audience. The extensive retail market in Dubai has empowered local designers and creatives to showcase their talent and be among the lineup of international designers. 

Why Choose a

Flying Dress Dubai


Inspired by the flying dress concept that started in Greece, many photographers offer clients the chance to have their own flying dress moment in Dubai. These photographers work with local Dubai designers to recreate the same ethereal dresses that have wowed audiences on Instagram and social media.

It’s a luxurious yet fun photoshoot idea with many excellent locations in Dubai. It has become so popular that many offer a destination flying dress experience, with iconic spots available, such as the Dubai desert, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai skyline. Women can visit Dubai and rent one or more flying dresses at a location of their choice. Some photographers even offer complete packages that include hair and makeup services. Therefore, all clients have to do is show up on the day of the photo shoot, and they can get the whole flying dress experience to cherish for a lifetime.

The flying dress photoshoot is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that women should try. Many think it’s only suitable for models, newlyweds, or brides-to-be. But any woman can try this photo shoot as it can be empowering and liberating. It is a great way to showcase your fearless and energetic nature but in a dainty and luxurious way. Create an unforgettable experience when you dress up in a flying dress that makes you feel beautiful inside and out. Once you put the flying dress on, you can create your own magic, and it’s the photographer’s job to capture and immortalize that in photos.