flying dress photography franchise opportunity

Guide to Franchising a Flying Dress Photoshoot Business

Guide to Franchising a Flying Dress Photoshoot Business

Floganza Dubai is the world leader when it comes to the flying dress photoshoot concept that is making waves on Instagram, as well as all over the internet. Now there are many ways to bring this photoshoot concept to other parts of the world, especially in iconic locations such as the Dubai desert. If this sounds interesting to you, take some time to learn more about the Floganza franchise and how you can become a part of this type of business.

Franchise or Start 

Your Own?

Even though you have the skills and the passion for photography, you might lack the knowledge or experience of dealing with the business side of it. Indeed, starting your own photography business is not as simple as it may seem. Just like any business, the photography aspect is just one of many details that you need to think about and manage.

This leaves you with two options: start your own photography business, or buy a photography franchise. The question is, which option is right for you?

Photography Franchise

There are plenty of obvious benefits when you choose to go the franchise route with a photography business. The hard work is already done for you. The business concept is readily available and you have plenty of support in terms of product development, marketing, and customer service. 

Most photography business franchises offer ongoing coaching and training to enable your photography business to thrive. When you buy a franchise, you also have access to a proven business model that you know has worked and will bring profits. You will even have a team of photography experts behind you willing to offer support when you need it. 

And most importantly, the branding for the business has been developed for you. There is no need to conceptualize a name, logo, and marketing design. You can get your business running as soon as you are granted a license for the franchise.

Start Your Own

A lot of photographers might prefer to start their own business because it gives them more creative freedom. Unlike a franchise that has an existing business model, you can develop your own if you start your business from scratch. 

It is also quite rewarding to be able to see a business grow organically. However, there is an entailing risk that your chosen business model or brand won’t succeed. Also, it does not mean that it is necessarily more affordable than buying a franchise because you have to build your photography business from scratch. 



When Franchising a



If you’ve decided to buy a photography business franchise, the next step is to consider a few important factors. This will help you to understand and prepare for the challenges you will face in this type of business.

  • Level of Demand – You need to conduct your own research on the target market for this franchise and the existing competition (if any). There are different aspects to a photography business, so you have to factor in if the demand is consistent or seasonal. This will determine the income potential for your business and enable you to predict opportunities for growth.
  • Franchise Model – There are different types of business models for a photography business such as commercial photography, special events photography, sports photography, industrial photography, portrait photography, corporate headshots, and the flying dress photography. Each of these franchise models caters to a specific audience and industry.
  • Track Record – Check how the business has performed in the past few years and its level of competition. Not only does this help you determine if the business is a profitable investment, but it will also make you aware of what aspects of the business you need to focus more on. 
  • Competition – This is one of the most important considerations before buying a franchise. How many other photography businesses in your area are offering the same services? How do you differentiate your business from them so you can continue to attract clients? 
  • Training Opportunities – A good franchise should provide training to ensure that the quality of your photography service is within the standards of the business model. They should also offer tips and tricks when it comes to customer service and marketing. 


Opportunities with


Floganza Dubai started it all. It is the leader and innovator when it comes to the flying dress photoshoot experience in Dubai. Therefore, it is a thriving business that has become one of the must-try experiences for tourists visiting the Dubai desert.

If you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer with an entrepreneurial mind, this is the perfect opportunity for you: own a Floganza franchise. Alim, the founder of Floganza, is a self-taught photographer and a successful entrepreneur. When he founded Floganza Dubai, he was met with an overwhelming response that increased his desire to expand the boundaries of his knowledge. Franchising opportunities are now available for anyone who wants to create their own flying dress photoshoot experience in other parts of the world

The Floganza franchise will be launched in 2022 and is your chance to start this photography business in your area. What can you expect with this franchise opportunity? Here is a glimpse of your Floganza franchise business kit:

  • Stock of the homemade flying dresses (available in various sizes and colors)
  • Photography tutorial and tips (includes retouching of photos)
  • Marketing kit
  • Social media kit
  • Sales kit
  • Customer service kit

You can become a Floganza franchisee in only a few simple steps. First, you must apply for a Franchise license and then wait for the team’s response on the status of your application (approved or denied). The next step is to secure the franchise agreement and the finalization of your location (also subject for approval). Floganza will embark on the training for our business kit so you are ready for launching. Upon launching your Floganza photography business, Floganza will continue to provide development and coaching support. 

Get your Floganza Franchise concept in your city. Simply fill out the form on the website in order to be considered for the application of a franchise license. You can also send an email to