ideas on what to do on New Year's Eve in Dubai

How to Spend New Year’s Eve in Dubai

How to Spend New Year’s Eve in Dubai

Any celebration in Dubai is a grand affair. You can bet that’s the same – even more so – when you spend New Year’s Eve in Dubai. Many say that how you spend your New Year’s Eve will set the tone for how the rest of the new year will play out, so you might as well make this night the most amazing celebration of the year.

Luckily, there are several ideas on how to spend New Year’s Eve in Dubai that will bring in the new year in style!

10 Ways to Spend

New Year’s Eve in


Whether you want to witness an extravagant firework display or party like there’s no tomorrow in one of Dubai’s hottest nightclubs and bars, you’ll never run out of ideas on what to do on New Year’s Eve in Dubai. Here are the best ways to enjoy New Year’s Eve in the Jewel of the Desert. 

1. New Year Desert Safari

If you’re spending New Year’s Eve in Dubai, you might as well enjoy the traditional way of celebrating – embarking on a desert safari. It won’t be hard to find a tour that offers this experience, especially at this time of year. 

A desert safari experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that brings together delicious food, drinks, dancing, and all forms of celebration in one place. When the clock strikes twelve, you can join in the live music and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. The cost of this tour package differs according to the inclusions so you can choose what fits your budget or how you’d like to ring in the new year.

traditional way of celebrating new year in Dubai

2. Dhow Cruise on New Year’s Eve

Escape the crowd and experience a traditional Dubai experience when you embark on a Dhow cruise. It’s also a new and exciting way to witness the fireworks display throughout Dubai, onboard this passenger vessel with other guests. You will enjoy a lavish feast and live entertainment onboard. You’ll also marvel at the view of the different parts of Dubai as you traverse the creek throughout the cruise experience. It’s a luxurious way to welcome the New Year, but you’re in Dubai, so make it count!

3. Ring in the New Year with Live Music and Entertainment

Live music and entertainment are a part of Dubai’s DNA. Therefore, going to live music events is one of the best ways to get into a festive mood with a huge crowd. There are several live music venues in Dubai for the best live entertainment. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor music event, there are plenty of entertainment options in Dubai to welcome the new year with a bang.

4. Dance Your Way to the New Year

Dubai is home to many vibrant dance clubs you can head to if you’re a party animal. There is no better way to welcome the new year than dancing at these hot dance clubs that feature world-class DJs spinning the best tunes. Some notable venues for the New Year dance parties include the Lotus Mega Yacht and Ce La Vi. 

5. Luxury Dinner at Madinat Jumeirah

If you prefer a more laid-back yet equally luxurious way to ring in the New Year in Dubai, head to Madinat Jumeirah. It hosts a sumptuous gala dinner that features fire dancers, live entertainment, musicians, and other spectacles. All diners also enjoy free-flowing champagne to cap off the New Year’s celebration. 

6. Watch a Stellar Show at Dubai Opera

Another unique way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dubai is to catch a show at the Dubai Opera. A royal dinner follows the spectacular show during the New Year’s Eve celebration. Once the show ends and the clock hits 12, the DJ takes over and plays classic beats for the crowd.

7. Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Global Village

The Global Village hosts one of the most spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai. Therefore, you can choose this destination if you plan on welcoming the new year in the city.

Global Village provides locals and tourists the opportunity to celebrate New Year’s as they are observed in over 75 countries. There are also plenty of things to see and do, such as dining, shopping, and witnessing musical fireworks. It is a great place to spend New Year’s Eve with the family since there are plenty of attractions to keep the kids entertained.

8. Go Skydiving

Are you looking to check a few items off your bucket list before ushering in the new year? You might want to try the ultimate skydiving experience in Dubai! There is nothing more exhilarating than this to celebrate the arrival of a new year and kick off more adventures in the coming year. 

9. Go on a Staycation

Dubai is home to many world-class and five-star hotels that would be a perfect destination for a staycation. Instead of celebrating New Year’s Eve at home, book a stay in one of the many luxury hotels and experience world-class amenities and gourmet food to welcome the new year. Dubai offers a variety of hotel selections, such as Raffles Dubai, Atlantis The Palm, Five Palm Jumeirah, and Waldorf Astoria Dubai. Enjoy delicious food and access waterparks for a memorable New Year’s celebration. 

staycation in Dubai for the New Year

10. Watch the Burj Khalifa Fireworks 

No New Year’s Eve celebration in Dubai would be complete without the Burj Khalifa Fireworks display event. This dazzling display of lights is one of the most anticipated New Year’s Eve events in Dubai, so you can’t afford to miss it! 

Thousands of tourists and locals flock to the nearby parks and Jumeirah Beach to catch a glimpse of the amazing fireworks. Make sure to get settled and find your spot before 10 PM because the roads leading to Burj Khalifa are closed until midnight to make way for this one-of-a-kind fireworks display! Or you can climb up the Burj Khalifa for one of the best vantage points of the New Year’s Eve fireworks – it’s worth every penny!