Dubai Desert Location

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Dubai Desert Location

Dubai is the largest in the United Arab Emirates city and one of the most liberal places in the Middle East. Known for the world’s tallest skyscrapers, Dubai has a multitude of mosques, almost no crime, and ATMs that dispense real bars of gold!

Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai lies within the Arabian desert—the fifth largest desert in the world. Home to sand cats, striped hyenas, red foxes, gazelle, wolves, camels, and now, FLYING DRESSES!

With its vast expanse of light-colored sand interrupted by the occasional mountain range, or network of desert dunes, the Dubai Desert is one of the world’s most spectacular locations for your flying dress photoshoot.

Imagine, bright blue sky, white walls of sand, and a ruby-red dress swirling elegantly in the breeze. These images, known as “flying dress” photography, are gaining quick celebrity appeal.

FLOGANZA DUBAI is the first to offer a Flying Dress photoshoot in the middle of the spectacular Dubai desert. Of course, there are many desert activities to enjoy, but none offer the same compelling experience as posing for a professional photographer in the middle of the Dubai desert!

We celebrate women at Floganza Dubai and recognize that beauty isn’t about size, shape, or color. We delight in making all women feel beautifully confident.

Professional photographer and founder of Floganza Dubai, Alim enjoys taking the time to know his models. To help them find poses and colors that accentuate their natural beauty and captures it on camera.

Every Dubai Desert photoshoot offers personalization and originality, including a diverse catalog of colorful dresses and four flying dress models to augment each photoshoot.

A Dubai desert photoshoot is perfect for any special occasion—maternity, engagement, family, and friends—or to simply experience an unforgettable holiday in Dubai.

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Delight in the wonders of an unforgettable Dubai Desert photoshoot—an affordable once-in-a-lifetime experience that will take your breath away. Let our team of experts indulge you for a day!