Palm Jumeirah Location

Discover our Palm Jumeirah Location

The iconic locations of the shoot are integral to the experience. Your memorable Flying Dress photoshoot takes place in the mythic Palm Jumeirah of Dubaï, with the Burj Al Arab five-star hotel as background.

Palm Jumeirah Location

in the United Arab Emirates Known for its glitzy hotels, swanky apartment towers, and upmarket restaurants, Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest artificial archipelago. A palm-tree-shaped island found on the Persian Gulf of Dubai; Palm Jumeirah is a celebrity enclave of private residences and upmarket hotels, including the iconic Burj Al Arab.

With spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf, it isn’t surprising that the Palm Jumeirah is one of Floganza Dubai’s most exclusive Flying Dress photoshoot locations.

Some say that the sand and rock used to construct the Palm Jumeirah could circle the earth three times! That kind of spectacular canvas is precisely the sort of exclusive experience photographer Alim offers his clients.

Palm Jumeirah is undeniably beautiful. With its vast blue skies, crystalline waters, and striking backdrop of the Burj Al Arab’s billowing sail, it isn’t hard to help clients feel unrestrained.

The Burj Al Arab is undoubtedly the most famous landmark in Dubai. The hotel is so luxurious it doesn’t have “rooms” it has “suites.” With its A-list of celebrity VIPs, dedicated helipad, and a staff-to-suite ratio of 8:1, it isn’t hard to understand how the Burj Al Arab gained its 7* status, or why it’s one of Floganza Dubai’s premium photoshoot locations.

Taking time to know my clients is essential. Helping them to feel comfortable, and appreciating their unique beauty, encourages spontaneous posing and once-in-a-lifetime images captured on camera. Alim, Founder and Photographer, Floganza Dubai

Every flying dress photoshoot offers custom styling. Women choose from a catalog of 12 radiant flying dress colors and several on-site models are ready to enhance their special day.

Highlight your Dubai photoshoot by indulging in a beauty makeover, hairstyling session, or both. A private driver will escort you to your exclusive location on the Palm Jumeirah, where your professional Dubai photographer welcomes you.

Dubai is a city where everything is possible. Until now, there hasn’t been an experience exclusively for women. Floganza Dubai is changing that!

Book your flying dress Dubai Palm Jumeirah photoshoot today—you deserve to feel beautiful!