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4 Tips for the Best Maternity Photoshoot In Dubai

4 Tips for the Best Maternity Photoshoot In Dubai

A maternity photoshoot is one of the most memorable occasions that a woman will have in her lifetime. This photoshoot will give women the opportunity to capture this beautiful moment in their lives and look back on it for years to come. It is a celebration of a woman’s body and the miracle that it is pregnancy – bringing life into the world. Working with professional photographers who are experts on pregnancy photoshoots in Dubai is a must.

Reasons for Having a

Maternity Photoshoot

Why should you go to such lengths to plan a pregnancy photoshoot in Dubai? It’s simple – pregnancy is an exciting time in your life. It is a celebration of the miracle of sharing your body with your precious baby. Make sure to capture this special moment with the help of a professional photographer so you can show it to your baby when they grow older.

Many celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Demi Moore have done maternity shoots. It is also your last chance to cherish this moment before you welcome your new addition into the family. But most importantly, a pregnancy shoot is a celebration of your womanhood journey. Pregnancy is the pinnacle of that journey. 

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Dubai Tips

Showcase that pregnancy glow and look your best when you step in front of the lens for your maternity photoshoot in Dubai. Follow these tips so you can capture the best photos of this special time in your life.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Dubai Tips

Tip 1: Shoot Your Maternity Photos between 32 and 36 Weeks

The moment you find out you are pregnant, you might be filled with excitement! This excitement can consume you so deeply that you already envision doing that maternity shoot. You have the concept in your head and your ideal dress to wear. But make sure to control your excitement because the key to a successful pregnancy shoot is to time it well.

The ideal stage of your pregnancy for a photoshoot is between 32 and 36 weeks. During this time, you are close to giving birth and your belly is in its full form already. The belly bump is the most crucial visual element of your photoshoot, so make sure you wait until you have reached this stage of your pregnancy before you schedule the shoot. 

If you do your shoot earlier than this, the baby bump might not fully show yet. You want that gorgeous and full round shape on your belly, since it will be the star of the shoot.

If you wait too late, you might have already given birth and you won’t have the chance to do the shoot anymore. When you are close to your due date, doing a shoot is impractical because your belly will be too heavy by then. Make sure to start planning once you reach week 32 in your pregnancy.

Tip 2: Invest in Clothing, Hair, and Makeup

The clothing, hair, and makeup are critical elements for your pregnancy shoot. You must take time to select what to wear and how to style your hair. Ideally, your choices will be based on your selected theme. 

If you don’t have a specific theme, you can choose any dress that does not have any patterns on it. Patterns are visually distracting, and they could take away the attention from your belly. The dress must also make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident. A maxi and flowing dress like the ones featured in a flying dress photoshoot is a perfect choice. It looks sexy yet elegant. 

You must also invest in a professional hair and makeup artist. They can do the styling for you so that you can look your best for your maternity shoot. Keep in mind that you are only going to do this shoot once in your pregnancy journey, so you have to look your best. 

Tip 3: Master Your Poses

Posing during your maternity shoot might not be the most comfortable position to be in, especially in the heat of the Dubai desert. Therefore, it is a good idea to practice a few poses in the mirror before you begin the shoot. Practicing will help you identify the most flattering looks for you and the best ways to showcase your pregnant belly.

Start with a few standard poses and then try some unique ones. Whenever choosing a pose for your shoot, never compromise your safety and comfort. Don’t attempt to do a pose that you are not comfortable with. 

If this is your first time doing a pregnancy photoshoot in Dubai, you can browse magazines or online to find posing ideas. Be inspired by other pregnancy shoots, you can borrow some of these poses and make them your own. 

planning a pregnancy photoshoot in Dubai

Tip 4: Choose the Best Location

The location sets the tone for your maternity shoot. Therefore, you must invest time to research the best location that will serve as the backdrop for your shoot.

Dubai offers plenty of choices for your maternity shoot location. The Dubai desert is one of the most popular venues because the dramatic sand dunes will make your maternity outfit or flying dress appear more visually dramatic in the photo. If possible, shoot early in the morning or close to sunset. The sun beams glistening against the dunes will add more aesthetic flair to your photos. Also, there is an added benefit to shooting early in the morning or at dusk since the sun will not ber at its peak. Pregnant women might find the heat unbearable, and it could be a health risk too. 

Several other locations in Dubai would make a great backdrop for the shoot. You can pick these locations according to your chosen theme. 

Bonus Tip: Hire the Right Photographer

The most important tip when you want to do a pregnancy photoshoot in Dubai is to work with a professional photographer who has years of experience in maternity shoots. There are unique challenges when doing this kind of shoot, so working with someone who has plenty of experience will bring you your desired results.  

You can also look at the photography style of each maternity photographer that you find in Dubai. Each photographer has their unique style, so choose the one that you like the most.