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Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Dubai

Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Dubai

Dubai is a dream destination for many because it blends the old and the new, the East and the West. There are so many attractions and things to do that would make your visit worthwhile. For social media-savvy tourists, the top instagrammable places in Dubai alone are worth traveling to the city for. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or want to capture the best photos for your Instagram feed, this city won’t disappoint. 

8 Most Instagrammable Places in Dubai

Are you looking for the most Insta-worthy shots in Dubai? Look no further because you can get the perfect shots when you visit the most Instagrammable places in Dubai.

1. Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the Insta-worthy destinations in Dubai. Walking into this garden will leave your jaws dropping because of the stunning floral installations, vibrantly colored tunnels, and pristine landscape. It is arguably the most beautiful garden you will ever see. 

The Dubai Miracle Garden is open from mid-November to mid-May. If you want to check out the gorgeous flowers and sculptures, make sure to time your visit around these months. 

2. Dubai Desert

Whether you admit it or not, you have come to Dubai to see the desert landscape. The seemingly endless sand dunes have a magical quality to them. The waves of sand dunes also make for perfect photo spots – it’s hard to take a bad photo with this background!

If you go on a Dubai desert safari tour, make sure to sneak in a few photos. You can’t leave Dubai without doing this!

Insider tip: If possible, book your desert safari tour for the afternoon. The best photos are taken during the late afternoon or just when the sun is about to set. The golden lights produce better photos!

Insta-worthy shots in Dubai Desert

3. Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour is a popular tourist destination because of the relaxing views in this waterfront area. While a fairly new neighborhood, it is one of the fastest-growing areas in Dubai in terms of popularity. The iconic waterfront is located approximately 10 minutes from Downtown Dubai. The glittering creek, the gorgeous sunset views, and the cityscape combine to make this one picturesque spot.

4. Abra Ride

Aside from visiting the sand dunes of the Dubai desert, an Abra ride is one experience you can’t miss when in Dubai. It is a quintessential experience that offers a perfect photo spot without the crowd. You can find many tours that allow you to book an Abra ride through the Dubai canal. Book your Abra ride for near sunset to capture the most stunning shots!

5. Dubai Souq

The Dubai souqs are among the most noteworthy spots for an Instagram photo. They bring old-world charm and vibrancy because of the mixtures of colors from the items sold there. Take photos of the vibrant atmosphere as you meander through the quaint alleys that take you back in time to Dubai’s pearl-diving days. Whether you are looking to score some spices and market finds, or you just want to capture Instagram-worthy spots, it is worth taking a trip to these parts of Dubai.

6. Burj Park

Burj Park is an easily accessible tourist destination connected to Downtown Dubai via footbridges. If you are searching for the best sightseeing spots or most Instagrammable places in Dubai, this is it.

Burj Park is a local favorite because there are several areas to relax. It is also located at the base of the Burj Khalifa so you can get a unique perspective of Dubai’s most iconic building. Use the Burj Khalifa as your backdrop to make your photos more Instagram-worthy!

7. Imam Hussein Mosque

The Imam Hussein Mosque is one of the most Instagrammable places in Dubai because of its unique and cleverly designed architecture. It is fast becoming the travel community’s favorite spot for a photo! It’s no surprise why because of the elaborate Persian architecture of this Iranian mosque. The decorative façade is azure colored and features a floral motif. You will be awe-inspired when you see the mosque, and you will capture it as beautifully in photos!

8. Sky View Observatory Deck

For different kinds of Instagram-worthy shots, you might want to head up to the Sky View Observatory Deck in Dubai. It’s a new kid on the block but it’s already attracting tourists in droves because of the exquisite views you can enjoy from the observation deck. The Observation Deck is also where many popular thrill-seeking activities are located, such as the Skywalk Dubai and the Glass Slide. 

If you’re not up for these adrenaline-pumping activities, you’ll still want to visit the Observation Deck because of the most stunning city views and photos that will send your Instagram feed into a frenzy! 

Sky View Observatory Deck in Dubai

2 Hidden Instagrammable Places in Dubai

In addition to the top 8 well-known Instagrammable places in Dubai, you can also find hidden gems that many photographers love.

9. Dubai Design District

Many photography enthusiasts in Dubai have dubbed this area as a photographer’s dream. It is one of the coolest new neighborhoods in Dubai featuring avant-garde buildings and purpose-built communities. It stays true to its name because it boasts the most unique and creative designs you won’t find elsewhere in Dubai. And for that, this hidden gem deserves a spot in this list of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Dubai!

10. Al Qudra Lake

Al Qudra Lake is one of the hidden gems of Dubai. This expansive lake is home to swans and flamingos. There are also cycling paths, picnic spots, and an observation tower and offersone of the best spots to marvel at the desert sunset view. If you like animals, this lake is where you can find wildlife in its natural habitat. And since it isn’t as popular as many other Instagrammable places listed here, you can enjoy your photo opportunities without having to deal with the crowd. 

There you have it, the list of the best Instagrammable places in Dubai! If you like to take photos for your Instagram feed, you’ll find these spots an excellent reason to visit the City of Gold.