Top Evening Desert Safari Dubai Activities

Top 4 Evening Desert Safari Dubai Activities

Top 4 Evening Desert Safari Dubai Activities

A desert safari is a must on your travel bucket list when visiting Dubai. This glorious destination has plenty to offer if you escape the bustling city and explore the barren lands of the desert. You will be rewarded for such a choice as you enjoy the fun-filled adventures that await your time in the desert. 

To the surprise of many, the evening desert safari Dubai activities are a favorite among tourists, especially for those who want to avoid the sweltering heat of the Dubai desert during the day. If you wish to avoid the heat or experience a different kind of desert experience at night, you will have plenty of options for activities to enjoy.

What You Need to

Know About an

Evening Desert


Before you book an evening desert safari Dubai tour, there are a few things you must know first. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Choose clothes that are made with breathable fabric and are suitable for both cold and hot weather. 
  • Bring layering pieces for the evening desert safari, such as a jacket or cardigan. While it’s hot in Dubai during the day, the nighttime temperature can drop significantly. 
  • Eat a light meal. Overeating might upset your stomach as you drive up and down the dunes.
  • Wear light boots and other similar footwear to keep your feet warm in the desert during the night. 
  • Don’t bring your valuables with you. It’s easy to lose them in the sand. 

Must-Try Evening Desert Safari Experiences

Must-Try Evening

Desert Safari


Most tourists think that you can only enjoy a desert safari experience during the day. However, an evening desert safari in Dubai offers a unique experience you shouldn’t miss. The desert transforms into a magical landscape at night, and there are as many activities to enjoy.

1. Desert Jeep Safari

Hop on a 4WD jeep and drive across the sand dunes of Dubai in a fun-filled evening. This tour is recommended for those who want to see what it’s like to be in the desert once the sun sets. 

But first, you must begin your tour by enjoying the view of the sunset in the desert. You will be driving through sand dunes for 30 minutes to an hour. This ride will undoubtedly get your adrenaline pumping, and nothing equals the thrill of this experience. Depending on where you book your tour, you could also end the night with some BBQ and entertainment. 

2. Camel Safari

A camel ride experience in Dubai is recommended for first-time visitors. Many tour companies offer a camel safari ride in the evening. It’s a unique way to see the sand dunes and a bit more relaxed than the thrilling desert jeep safari. Nonetheless, it is the traditional way to explore the desert, so it’s a great way to do it the way the nomads did in the past.

Your evening camel safari ride in the desert will conclude in a Bedouin camp. You can spend the rest of the night enjoying traditional Arab dishes and some campfire entertainment.

3. Desert Safari with Quad Bike

If you’re looking for something more adventurous to do in the Dubai desert at night, book a quad bike experience. Several tours are available for those seeking a budget-friendly experience in the Dubai desert. You will begin your dune bashing experience on a quad bike in the afternoon. The duration of the quad bike experience will depend on the specific tour you book. 

Riding the quad bike allows you to explore the desert at your own pace. However, you need to have some experience with quad bikes before you embark on this tour. If not, you can choose any of the above desert safari experiences instead.

4. Dubai Desert Photography

Last but not least, you can also book a photography tour while in Dubai. Many services are available for those who would like to use the stunning beauty of the desert landscape as their backdrop for their photos (either for a portfolio or personal use). 

You can book a desert photography tour as it is or as part of a customizable tour that includes dining and accommodation. A Dubai desert photography tour will start in the afternoon so that you can capture the ‘golden hour.’ This time of the day is considered one of the best for great photographic results. Therefore, you must take advantage of the opportunity to capture the best desert photos with the help of a professional photographer.

Dressing up for a desert safari

What to Expect in an

Evening Desert

Safari in Dubai?

There are plenty of tour options for anyone interested in an evening desert safari in Dubai. As with most tours, you will be picked up from your hotel and taken to your destination. You can also choose to be picked up from any other designated pick-up points for the tour. 

Most tickets are customizable, so you can choose to add as many (or as few) activities as you want. An evening desert safari tour typically includes a meal you can enjoy after completing the activities. After the activities and the dinner buffet are done, you will be dropped back at your hotel. 

Whether you participate in an evening or daytime desert safari, the experience will be spectacular. However, evenings in the Dubai desert are a unique experience because the temperature is more forgiving, and you can relax in the cool breeze of the desert. The desert completely transforms at night and serves as a gateway to another world, it’s a unique and amazing experience, even if you’ve already tried the daytime desert safari. Most tours offer various entertainment options to suit the varying preferences of guests. 

Aside from the reprieve from the desert heat, the chance to witness the golden sunset as it disappears behind the sand dunes is one of the primary motivations for choosing an evening desert safari in Dubai. The golden sunset is the perfect backdrop for a memorable photo-op, so don’t miss the chance to capture the desert sunset in all its glory!