Take epic photos of your group and the iconic Dubai landmarks

Unique Group Activities in Dubai for Unconventional Fun

Unique Group Activities in Dubai for Unconventional Fun

Whether you are traveling with friends or family, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to group activities in Dubai. It’s time to start planning that holiday with your friends with the help of this list of unique group activities for unrivaled group fun.

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Activities in Dubai

This list of group activities in Dubai provides you with an assortment of fun things to do, whether you want something laid-back or adventure-filled.

1. Embark on a Yachting Adventure

Get a taste of the luxurious life when you go on a yachting adventure in Dubai with your group of friends. Several companies offer boat and yacht rental services so you can enjoy the city from a different point of view. 

Take epic photos of your group and the iconic Dubai landmarks, such as Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. It’s a different perspective and gives you a sense of exclusivity. You can drop anchor in the middle of the Arabian Gulf and go for a swim (if the weather permits) or do some fishing for the freshest lunch on the boat. 

A yachting adventure in Dubai with group of friends.

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Golf

The glow-in-the-dark, mini-golf course in Dubai is the perfect spot for you and your group to practice your swing. You might have been to various world-class golf courses, but you can bet you haven’t tried golfing this way before. But that’s not all, it is also a 3D golf course. 

3D Blacklight Mini Golf offers 3 themed rooms with 18 holes each. This is an all-indoor facility providing you with the most unique way to play golf. Since each course varies in theme, you will be tested in the desert, in space, and underwater. The entire course is hand painted and took two artists 18 months to complete. Therefore, it’s more than just golfing that you get to enjoy here; you can also marvel at the impeccable artistry.

3. Enroll in Culinary School

Dubai is home to one of the world’s best culinary schools – the School of Culinary and Finishing Arts (SCAFA). Therefore, you can join a class with your group for a different kind of fun in Dubai. Among the cooking programs available include a cooking party and a kitchen challenge. These are culinary activities that help you learn while having fun. 

Each program divides the meal preparation process into various parts. Each member of the group will be assigned a different step in the process, which ensures that everyone can get involved. This Dubai activity will test your teamwork and communication!

4. Race Each other at Dubai Autodrome

If you are looking for friendly rivalry or an adrenaline rush, the Dubai Autodrome is the destination for you. This attraction offers a multitude of energizing activities that will kick up the competition among your group. You can also realize your dream of becoming a race car driver even just for a day. 

Among the exciting activities lined up for you are Ferrari GT driving sessions, go-karting (indoor and outdoor), and a drive around the FIA-sanctioned 5.39 km driving circuit with a BMW. There is also a venue for indoor laser tag that you might want to check out while you’re there!

5. Dubai Camel Polo

If you’re big fans of horse polo, you can try a unique variation of this sport that is suited to Dubai: camel polo! The rules are the same but the only difference is that instead of riding a pony, you’re riding camels. 

You can find packages for this activity that your group can participate in for a friendly game. Aside from having trainer guides helping you out, you can also get free drinks and snacks after the game. The Dubai Camel Polo is only available during winter. If you visit Dubai during this time of the year, make sure you take advantage of it!

T Dubai Camel Polo is a an activity that your group can participate in for a friendly game.

6. Urban Zipline

Dubai is fast becoming a popular destination for thrillseekers due to the various adrenaline-rush activities you can try. If skydiving isn’t your cup of tea, dare to try the world’s longest urban zipline instead. This zipline package lets you zip through the Dubai Marina. 

It’s a ride that is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are brave enough to try, you will get a spectacular bird’s eye view of the city. XLine goes as high as 170 meters and can zip as fast as 80 kph! You can also go for tandem rides to make it more fun for the group.

7. Dinner in the Sky

Dubai is home to many world-class dining and restaurant options that are both unique and satisfying to the palate. If you’re seeking out unique restaurants, you’ll find that with Dinner in the Sky. 

Enjoy your delectable meal 50 meters off the ground. Each dinner service starts at approximately 135 USD per person. The best part is that you’ll get to treat your palate to a gourmet food experience; it’s not just a gimmick! 

8. The Smash Room

The Smash Room is a unique concept that will have your entire group working up a sweat. Pick up a mallet and don your protective wear and smash away at anything or everything you can get your hands on! 

The Smash Room is the best way to release anger and tension from your body. The venue provides items, such as electronics, white goods, plates, vases, and other items you could break with your mallet. It’s more than just a way to let out your wild side, it’s also good cardio exercise!

9. Escape Hunt

Dubai’s Escape Hunt lets you embark on the ‘escape room’ experience. The venue offers various themed escape rooms, including ‘prison break’ and ‘the bank job’. This experience starts at 32 USD per person. Each escape room experience allows up to five people, so you and your group will have a lot of fun figuring out your escape!

10. Paint Ceramics

Let out your creative side and head to Café Ceramique with your group. It is one of the top group activities in Dubai because you can showcase your artistic side in this art studio-slash-café. The café walls are adorned with vibrant paintings and creative artwork that you can use as inspiration for creating your ceramic designs. Even if you’re not an artist, pick up a brush and let your creativity take over!