Top desert activities in Dubai

Top 7 Desert Activities in Dubai

Discover the most exciting desert activities in Dubai and create a memorable travel experience.

Top 7 Desert Activities in Dubai

There is no other place on Earth quite like Dubai. The capital city of the United Arab Emirates has earned its reputation as one of the most luxurious cities in the Persian Gulf. Despite its vibrant nightlife and awe-inspiring city skyline, many of those who visit Dubai prefer to head into the desert for some thrilling and unique adventures. If you’re planning the same on your visit, then you’ve come to the right place. Discover the most exciting desert activities in Dubai and create a memorable travel experience. 

Best Desert

Activities Dubai

Has to Offer

1. Desert Flying Dress Photoshoot

If you’ve ever seen images of those breathtaking images of elegant women with their dresses caught magnificently by the wind on Instagram or elsewhere on social media, then you might have thought to yourself: I should do that! Well, if you are in Dubai, this is one of the must-try experiences!

A desert flying dress photoshoot is a favorite for a lot of women who are traveling to Dubai. It’s like a bucket-list item for them! 

Truly, there is something breathtaking about these flowing dresses captured in professional photography with the gorgeous desert of Dubai as the background. Whether you are trying to build your portfolio or you just want to do something unique to exploit the beauty of the desert in Dubai, then it’s an experience you cannot afford to miss out on. 

2. Visit Palm Jumeirah

Dubai may be famous for its soaring skyline, but the engineering marvel of the city isn’t limited to its skyscrapers. Equally breathtaking is the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago shaped like–you guessed it–a palm tree (when viewed from above).

This unique attraction is home to some of the city’s top luxury resort hotels, and more than 80 world-class dining options, attractions, and lounges. Located at the tip of the palm is The Pointe, a luxury shopping center that will meet all your retail and entertainment needs.

Getting there is fairly easy; it can be accessed through network roads, tunnels, and public transport. One of the best things here is the rail service, which includes a free car park right at the base of The Palm and offers stops at luxury attractions like Atlantis and Nakheel Mall.  

For adrenaline junkies, you can take a thrilling leap off of a plane at Skydive Dubai. For a laid-back evening, admire the world’s largest dancing fountain at The Palm Fountain.

most exciting desert activities in Dubai

3. Embark on a Desert Safari

Have you ever truly been to Dubai if you haven’t experienced the desert? 

One of the best ways to experience the Dubai desert is by embarking on a desert safari. Hop in a 4×4, hold on tight, and feel the rush of the jeep maneuvering up and over the sand dunes at high speeds. 

Desert tours usually come with lots of other activities, such as sandboarding, dune bashing, etc. There are also a couple of stops (and opportunities) to take amazing sunset photos. 

You can also explore the desert safari in style with a vintage Land Rover ride. It’s a great way to take amazing photos in the desert

4. Catch the Sunrise from the Dunes at Desert Safari Camp

From the banks of the Persian Gulf, Dubai’s sunrise is one of the most sought-after morning attractions. While the big city can be buzzing with life, the dunes offer a whole different take on the sunrise – and it’s the best place to see the horizon. Here you can bask in the magnificence of nature and wonder at the golden landscape.

For a more immersive and unique Arabian experience, you can spend a night in the desert. There are plenty of luxury accommodations to choose from. You can sleep at the royal retreat and wind down after all the tiring and adrenaline-pumping desert activities. And while in there, how about some delicious traditional food and entertainment to complete the experience?

 5. Quad Bike Like a Pro

Another exciting way to experience the dunes is to ride a quad bike (or buggy). Simply tell your taxi driver to take you to the Big Red – the most popular sand dune in the city. 

A quad bike lets you tear through the sand and climb up and down the gorgeous landscape yourself. Riding these four-wheel machines is always exciting, as they are agile, fast, and easy to maneuver. The best way to enjoy this trip is to race with your buddies (and kick sand in their faces) as you breeze and bounce through Dubai’s iconic desert.

If you prefer to ride with a partner (or with your loved one), you can choose to buggy. It’s far more comfortable, yet still as fun and as exhilarating as the quad bike. 

6. Hot Air Balloon Ride

See Dubai’s desert from a bird’s eye view by boarding a hot air balloon ride. 

A hot air balloon ride is a great way to see Dubai from a whole new perspective. Soar above the clouds and see the majestic landscape below. The best time for a hot air balloon ride is in the early morning, when you’ll have the perfect opportunity to spot herds of Arabian oryx and gazelles roaming freely across the vastness of the desert. Don’t forget to bring your camera phone with you! 

You can also embark on a hot air balloon ride before sunset for a romantic time with your loved one. A hot air balloon ride in Dubai is truly an experience to remember. 

hot air balloon Dubai desert outdoor activity

7. Camel or Horse-back riding in the Desert

While Dubai is easily one of the most highly urbanized and sophisticated cities in the world, it remains true to its roots. Meeting and riding camels is, therefore, an experience that you shouldn’t skip.

Camel-back riding lets you experience a desert safari in its truest and rawest form. Don’t worry though; camels are calm and obedient to their owners.

If you want to go a little faster, then opt for a one-horsepower ride with horseback riding. It’s another unique way to relax and enjoy the sand. 

There you have it – the top desert and outdoor activities Dubai has to offer! Whatever you want to do to make this trip unforgettable or to satisfy your desire for an adrenaline rush, these activities have surely got you covered.