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    Fairy tales really do come true…

    How would it feel to be the belle of the ball in the middle of the Arabian desert?

    Imagine it, clear blue sky, sultry desert air, flawless hair and makeup, and a one-of-a-kind showpiece—the Flying Dress.

    Well rested and poised for your special day, your driver has delivered you to your exclusive Flying Dress location—a vast expanse of light sand-colored terrain, distant escarpment views stretching to the horizon, and perhaps a lazy rambling camel or two.

    Dubai’s First

    Floganza Dubai are the Original Flying Dress photographers.
    Our team of expert Dubai photographers focus entirely on flying dress photography. We are altogether interested in and passionate about flying dress—it’s all we do. It takes dedication to specialize in just one area of photography. We believe this genuine commitment is what produces superior quality.

    Expert Photography & Styling

    Enjoy a customized beauty makeover and hairstyling from one of our professional artists on the day of your flying dress photoshoot. Our obsession attention to detail ensures seamless booking and the timely arrival of your driver—a private chauffeur to take you to and from your hotel in a comfortable air-conditioned car.

    With commercial-grade photographic equipment, your Floganza Dubai team use the industry’s top digital tools to ensure superior high-definition imaging.

    Your flying dress photographer is waiting to welcome you on location. Your dress choice and color are selected at the time of the booking, so that all you need to focus on is enjoying your day.

    Your photographer’s job is to help you feel at ease. This comfortable rapport makes posing feel natural, as he gently guides you with gestures and words. Our photographers are highly skilled at helping their models relax—their calm composure gives you a natural sense of confidence that accentuates your best features and capture your natural beauty on camera.

    Every Dubai Desert photoshoot is personal and original. Choose from a diverse catalog of flying dresses in twelve striking colors. Pose with one (or all) of our professional models standing by on location to enhance your special day.

    Bespoke Design, Confident Beauty

    Floganza Dubai is so much more than a photoshoot. Each hand-crafted flying dress design is available for exclusive use on the day of your photoshoot. All dresses are one-size-fits-all, to complement your female form. Every flying dress is cleaned, steamed, and waiting for you on-location.

    Allow us to take care of everything!  Marvel in the joy of an exhilaratingly playful opportunity as you experience yourself as beautiful, confident, and able.

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    With a growing international reputation for superior flying dress photography, women are raving about their Floganza flying dress experience.

    As a world traveler, I am ALWAYS on the cutting edge of finding new, exciting, unique activities. Floganza Dubai squeezed us in very early and on time. In seeing the photos, it took my breath away!! The dresses are better than anything I have seen in a Hollywood movie. I felt like a supermodel. Dolly S, Oct 2021

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    Flying dress pricing is package dependent, with special extras including camel backdrop, video footage, or traditional Arabic robes for men.

    Get our Flying Dress Photoshoot price list by WhatsApp +971 50 405 4166.”

    Floganza Dubai delights in making all women feel beautiful! Book your Flying Dress Photoshoot today—we can’t wait to meet you 💕