tips to keep in mind when doing your glamorous shoot in Dubai

Glamorous Photo Shoots in Dubai

Glamorous Photo Shoots in Dubai

Glamour photography is a dream shoot for many women. It’s an exciting opportunity to get glammed up with gorgeous hair and makeup services and then have your photos taken in iconic locations. For this reason, a lot of women book a glamorous photo shoot in Dubai, because there are so many excellent locations to fulfill this dream. Whether you want to get your photos taken for your model portfolio or you want to take your vacation photos in Dubai to the next level, make sure you know a few essential tips to achieve those glam shots. 

Expert Tips for a

Glam Shoot in


Glamour photography is about showcasing the beauty of the model, which is you. There is an emphasis on perfectly sculptured hair, makeup, and dress, which is why you have to take the necessary preparation to set the mood for the shoot. 

Below are some useful tips to keep in mind when doing your glamorous shoot in Dubai. 

Expert Tips for a Glam Shoot in Dubai

1. Hire a professional hair and makeup artist

There is no way around this one. If you are doing a glamorous photo shoot in Dubai, you must work with a professional hair and makeup artist. 

Even if you are good at doing your makeup, there is a certain level of skill and finesse required to achieve the stunning shots captured in glamour photography. Expert makeup artists know how to create the best looks that will complement your backdrop and make your photos visually stand out. 

Moreover, professional makeup artists know how to work with the model’s features so that they can highlight your best facial features for the shoot. You must keep in mind that your hair and makeup will be essential features of your overall look for a glamour shoot, so it is worth the investment. If you can find a photography service that offers hair and makeup packages too, that is even better, as you’ll save time looking for someone to hire for your Dubai photo shoot.

2. Poses are essential in a glam shoot

Unless you are a professional model, it is important to practice your poses for a glam shoot in Dubai. The photography team can also coach you on the right poses to do for the shoot to capture the best shots. However, it is important to practice your poses in front of the mirror so you can determine the most flattering ones and which of them showcase your best features.

Make sure that you also work on your facial expressions. Even the best and most stunning poses can be ruined when you have the wrong facial expression for a particular shot. Poses and facial expressions go hand in hand.

3. Plan what to wear

Aside from your hair and makeup, your clothing is one of the most crucial components of a glamorous shoot in Dubai. Solid-colored outfits are the best option for glamorous shoots. Patterned dresses and big prints are a major no-no! These patterns can take away the attention from your face and glamorous look. Wearing bold patterns does not capture well in photos and might even look tacky!

The ideal outfit during a glamorous photo shoot would be something solid-colored and that fits you perfectly. It should neither be too loose nor too tight. If you are renting a dress for the shoot, make sure that it can be customized to fit you, or you can use safety pins to adjust the fit during the shoot. This might seem like a minor detail, but it will create a world of difference once you see the photos. 

4. Choose an outdoor location

An outdoor location is the best option when doing glamorous shoots. While it’s possible to capture quality studio shots, you can add more visual drama and grandeur to your photos in an outdoor location. This is a must when shooting in Dubai because this city has plenty of stunning locations to choose from that will make your glamorous looks stand out.

One of the most popular locations in Dubai for this kind of shoot is the desert. The glistening sand dunes and the dramatic expanse will make your photos look like they are made for a magazine cover shoot. 

If you hire a photographer in Dubai, they can recommend you the best locations for your photo shoot. You can also opt to do your shoot in more than one location, but that will depend on your agreement before doing the shoot. If you are changing locations, it is also a good idea to change your looks to suit the location.

5. Do not over-accessorize

Glamorous shoots are about you – the model. Hence, you need to invest in your hair and makeup (and your outfit) because these are going to be the focal point of your glamorous look. There is no need to add too many accessories. Just like wearing big patterns, they can take the focus away from your face and outfit. 

Elegant looks are simple and minimalist. Plus, wearing too many accessories can be impractical when you are shooting in the desert as it can get really hot, depending on what time of year you book the shoot.

Booking a flying dress photo shoot in Dubai

Book a Flying Dress

Shoot in Dubai

Would you like to feel like a Queen for a day? Booking a flying dress photo shoot in Dubai is an excellent idea. 

The flying dress shoot trend has been creating a lot of buzz on social media, especially on Instagram. It’s no wonder why so manywomen want to do this glamorous shoot. Many women even travel to Dubai specifically to do this kind of shoot. There is something mesmerizing about wearing a glamorous, flowing dress with the beauty of the golden sand dunes in the background. It is a once-in-a-lifetime beauty and fashion adventure that every woman should experience. 

For the best photo results, make sure to choose photographers who specialize in the flying dress photo shoot in Dubai. They know how to capture the best shots to make you feel and look like a supermodel, even if it’s just for a day.