Dubai Photoshoot Location

Floganza Dubai offers one iconic photoshoot location, lost in the middle of the desert. Clients create their own picture of the place through their flying dress photoshoot experience.

Discover our Dubai Photoshoot Location

Iconic Location

The iconic locations of the shoot are integral to the experience.

Lost in the middle of the desert, clients create their own image of the place through their experience of it, and then immortalise it on Instagram.

Whichever you choose, you can expect that our team of experienced photographers will be able to capture the essence of these locations without losing out on the most important element in the shoot – you, the subject. 

Our specialized flying dress photographers aim to tell your story through their lens. And the location is what adds drama to this story, allowing the photos to come to life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your photo taken at these stunning locations.

Desert photography has slowly but surely evolved into one of the most popular niches in the field. It’s not surprising given that deserts offer some of the most breathtaking landscapes out there. The same is true of the Dubai desert and many of the tourists who come here have added the flying dress photoshoot in the Dubai desert on their bucket list. A seemingly empty and barren expanse of sand dunes with the sun peeking out from the horizon serves as the best canvas for excellent photography. 

If you are shooting in the desert, you’re not inundated with miles and miles of nothingness and empty space. Instead, there are several textures, colors, and formations to add pizzaz to your photos. It delivers the same breathtaking and awe-inspiring beauty that only Dubai can deliver. This is why this location is so unique. 

Having your Dubai photoshoot in the desert offers you a chance to immortalize your once in a lifetime trip. Now is your chance to share your photos to the world!